Uranus Pluto Squares 2012

I recently received an email from a client about why there is so much talk that 2012 is such a year of great change for everyone…with some additions...this is my response…

There is a lot of talk and attention about the year 2012 due to the date December, 21, 2012 and The Mayan calendar. There has been a great deal of sensationalism concerning this date in the media. It has sold many tickets. Some call it the end of times. There is also a great deal of astrological insights being shared about this being a year of change on many levels.  Here are my thoughts…

What many astrologers are talking of are the 7 astrological squares between transiting Uranus and Pluto which began this year, 2012 and will occur until 2015.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, authenticity, individuation, and change…it has been called the Great Awakener in that it helps us to find and reveal the truth of who we really are in the face of opposition and social conditioning. Uranian energy can bring tremendous upheaval and revolution personally and within generations. It can bring down old structures which creates  instability; but also opens up space potentially for the new and more authentic, and therefore more stable structures, and ways of being.

Pluto is power...which can be our own personal power as we deeply commit to something/someone we passionately care about and to bringing our own personal gifts to the world. It can also be the dark misuse of power...in all the different damaging, even brutal ways that can be carried out.  Ultimately and positively, Pluto compels us to go beyond our comfort zone into our depths individually and collectively and visit our own dark truths, and bring them into the light, for the purpose of healing…to transform…death and rebirth…the Phoenix rising from the ashes...life out of destruction…healing out of pain...

So...we are in the beginning of these 7 powerful planetary squares. The energy of astrological squares bring stress, challenge, conflict, and difficult decisions...but also great opportunities for necessary growth and change.  They are compelling and demand attention.

In the world, we have been seeing reflections of this Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn energy...the questioning of authority…people courageously standing up to corrupt people and power….corrupt corporations...corrupt governments…people rising up in unity…the Occupy Movement is a prime example. The GLBT community uniting and standing up for their human rights in the face of opposition is another. We are continuing to see new conflicts around the world as volatile situations come to a higher stress point…to a greater wake up call.

In the environment we are seeing the damage we can create due to our carelessness, and the results of our misuse and overuse of resources. We are experiencing more intense storms and earthquakes…unusual weather patterns…the planet and its weather shaking things up.

We are seeing more information in regard to our food source and medicine source and what we actually are putting into our bodies. More and more people are beginning to seriously question the status quo…and are not backing down (this is Uranus in Aries energy) because for so many…it just isn't working anymore.

So…old oppressive power structures in authority(an example of the dark side of Pluto in Capricorn) and belief systems are showing their ever growing fault lines, and beginning to become fragile...as they continue to desperately to hold on. Power and control vs freedom and change. Things are occurring in our world that are loudly demanding our attention.

So looking at these two ideas together, 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar, and the intense astrological times we are in; I feel these Uranus Pluto squares are happening at the perfect time and are part of what 2012 is about…in a way...metaphorically they are the labor pains as we get closer to the birth of this new cycle…hopefully with our individual and collective awareness and intention; a new and more peaceful, connected way of being.

However, one of the things to keep in mind is that yesterday, September 19, 2012 we just experienced the 2nd of the 7 powerful Uranus/Pluto squares; and we have 5 more to go until we are in 2015, providing numerous situations past December 21st, that could be extremely challenging to ourselves and our world, but also provide continued opportunities to create authentic change and open up to our true essence and higher purpose.

Therefore, my feeling is that this year that we are presently living in; that has received so much attention and distortion for many years now…2012…is providing a powerful wake up call with the beginning of these 7 squares, a transformative time in preparation for rebirth…individually and collectively; gearing up to bring in a new age. I feel it’s not about the world ending, but about a very long 5,125 year cycle that has been in the ending phase for years and the date that cycle ends is December 21, 2012. And my perspective is that we then start anew, moving into the beginning phase of a new cycle.

Being in harmony and balance within will to help bring harmony and balance to our outer existence.  Connecting with the ways (and there are many) that help us to find that harmony and balance is key.  Prayer, meditation, connection with family and loved ones, communing with nature and our own personal creative essence are some. There are as many ways as there are people. Each of us can make a difference.

Astrologically we are being called to honestly connect with who we really are, and to others…to stand up and claim our own personal power and inner authority and use it wisely with compassion, to connect to what we passionately care about and offer it to others. To be all we came here to be in this world and help birth this new cycle. 

In these times this is not easy work for many of us, and only time will show how well we all fare.  Many are realizing that what we do to ourselves, to others, to our planet is what shapes our world. Personally, I remain hopeful that we can move forward in a new way that can bring more light, unity, and peace into our world than is here now…

And so...that is why this year has been so referred to as one of great changes and is already showing itself to be so pivotal... we are moving into a new age…literally...and all of us here now…are here to be a part of it. It is a very profound time to be alive.