JULY 27, 2018

July 27, 2018 Full Moon/Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 1:20pm PDT 4 degrees, 44 minutes Aquarius

Here we go…on July 27, 2018 there will be the 2nd Eclipse of the summer and this one is a total Lunar Eclipse and the longest in the 21st century, 103 minutes long. This Eclipse can be seen in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. In the US and in PDT the Eclipse will occur at 1:20pm, at 4 degrees, 44 minutes in the air sign of Aquarius.

The Full Moon is a time when the light is bright and emotions rise up and during a Lunar Eclipse when the Earth’s shadow blocks the Sun, the energetic power of the Full Moon is super intensified.  During this Eclipse, also called a Blood Moon, the bright light is dimmed to a reddish haze for a portion of time (103 minutes) and our awareness deepens and expands as our heart and soul face the thoughts, fears, pressures and desires we’ve been pushing away. 

Aquarius is an air sign that naturally gravitates to the unusual, to freedom and to being real. Being authentic, and sometimes having to break the rules or push the boundaries to find what this is. To do this work, Aquarius benefits in rising above the need for approval. This can lend to feeling different than others, or even like an outcast. The truth of Aquarius is here to stand in the face of disappointment and disapproval and claim themselves. These are the core issues and the spiritual work that this Lunar Eclipse brings to each of us.

During a Full Moon the Sun is always in the exact degree and minute of the opposite sign, which means this opposition is with the Sun in Leo. Oppositions bring awareness and sometimes tension between the two energies. The gift in the opposition is recognizing that both energies, the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius hold important messages for each of us at this time.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a fixed fire sign.  Dynamic and loyal, Leo has natural leadership potential. Leo is also a particularly creative sign, colorful and self-expressive, openly sharing their bright light to be received and appreciated.  However, Leo can also spin out of control and whip the world around only them and fall into patterns of overly dramatic behavior that definitely draws attention but doesn’t bring that joyful response or healthy results

This Lunar Eclipse is tightly in the middle of the South Node in Aquarius and Mars retrograde in Aquarius.  This South Node can bring up karmic energies of needing acceptance, meaningless rebellion and excessive detachment, as well as relationships and patterns of behavior from our past that we benefit from completing and releasing. Mars on the Moon creates some edge and brings up our passions, fears, courage and desire for action, especially relating to freedom and authenticity.  However, at this time, Mars stations retrograde, telling us to pause, helping us to decide what we need to push forward with or step back and consider for a later time after Mars stations direct at the end of August.  

The Nodes of the Moon always travel opposite each other and again oppositions bring awareness, tension and the importance of balance between the two energies. The North Node conjunct the Sun in Leo reminds us that when we honestly and joyfully express our unique personal gifts, we experience self-realization and this process can guide us to our natural place in the collective that feels right for us.  Where we appreciate and honor our individual light, as an integral part of the light of humanity that can illuminate the world.  

Adding to this powerful Eclipse is Uranus, the modern day ruler of Aquarius, and currently in the steady sign of Taurus.  Uranus is working in two different aspects during this Eclipse. In the first aspect, Uranus sets up a rather stressful T-square with the Moon, Mars, the Sun and the Nodes. This T-square compels us to claim our truth as we navigate upcoming inner and outer changes that can challenge our ideas of comfort and security.  

The second aspect is Uranus in Taurus creating a trine with Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, and is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius.  Saturn is the planet of maturity and reality, the serious teacher and elder that brings us messages and lessons that help us to grow up.  

In this configuration Saturn provides some welcome stability to this volatile T-square and points the way that will require something substantial of us, but will benefit us the most. It is the way of self-discipline, wisdom, commitment, patience and integrity that can inspire and motivate each of us to manifest what is truly meaningful and lasting.

Now one last note, and that is Mercury stationed retrograde in Leo on July 25th until August 18th.  Mercury won’t be making any significant aspects during this Eclipse, however it is something to be aware of because we will experience evidence of it.  Mercury retrograde can provide another very important pause, the ability to reconsider and reconfigure important life choices and paths. From a practical perspective it’s always a good time to go through anything that needs clearing out and organizing. In the sign of Leo, artistic or creative ideas, as well as inspiration about new ways to play and enjoy life can be discovered. We can re-create or re-define how we shine our individual beautiful light and what brings us joy through our personal self-expression.

Mercury retrograde can also muddy the water and create communication issues of all kinds. Technology can be extra tricky during Mercury retrograde and Mars will also still be retrograde until August 27th which can slow things down and cause delays.  So although we are all being seriously compelled to navigate change and claim authenticity, there is also a strong message to pause, think about things and slow down, and at times…step back from taking any major actions or commitments that still require time and thought to get it right. Barring anything that can’t wait, this time is the planning stage of meaningful forward movement that will more easily unfold after we all move out of this Mercury and Mars retrograde phase.

As we all move through this final eclipse phase of 2018, I encourage everyone to continue self-care as we show up for loved ones and our community. Be aware that there can be others experiencing a great deal of frustration and overwhelm. Even excessive anger which can lead to sudden over reactions. Move with awareness of yourself and others in word and action as well as you can. Mindfulness is more important than ever. 

There may also be continued sudden changes and dramatic displays of power on the world stage that unfold during and months after this eclipse phase.

Engage with this powerful energy. Share your heart with trusted friends and loved ones.  Gaze within to find what feels right for you. Write those feelings down. Give them form.  If your emotions become too intense remember the Sun in Leo speaks of play and having fun, so if possible do something you enjoy!

And remember…Eclipses create an opening where we can release and clear out what no longer works and reset our intentions, our hearts desire, ushering in the potential for healing and wholeness.  

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon Total Eclipse in Aquarius occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love