I was amazed at the volume of information offered in my reading. Not being well versed in astrology, I was pleasantly surprised how accessible and clearly my chart was presented to me. The whole package is handsome and well worth the value. I truly gained insight into myself. It is like sneaking a peak at a personal journal, only it was my journal and I was reading it for the first time. I better understand my own tendencies now which help me stay focused in my work and I find it is easier to select successful life choices.   Rhett Lynch - Artist

Debbie wrote my first astrological reading and I couldn’t be happier with her work. There is the “magic” of entertainment horoscopes, and then there is the art of astrology that Debbie practices. First of all, my reading was shockingly accurate to my professional life, my creative leanings and even pivotal events that happened at specific dates in my life. But furthermore, it explained in detail how the stars and planets are guiding me to the path that will make me the most effective and content individual that I can be, and to be true to myself in relationships, my work and ultimately where I want my life to lead.  Debbie’s love for what she does is obvious: she quickly and intuitively answered all my questions and further explained parts of my reading in a way that was tailored to me. Come to her if you are ready to meet the stars on the journey you’re meant to pilot, if you are willing to open your heart and listen.  A.K.

Deborah’s skill as a professional astrologer is remarkable. We’d never met prior to my reading and I was truly amazed at how accurate her description of me was, both in the past and the present. She is an articulate, compassionate astrologer with a highly developed psychological awareness. Clearly, Deborah loves her work and I highly recommend her to others who desire to have a deeper understanding of themselves on a variety of levels. She clearly delineates both the healthy and the unhealthy tendencies of the individual as shown to her in the chart. Deborah’s reading of my chart provided a uniquely perceptive view of myself that was informative and enlightening. K -  psychotherapist, Albuquerque

This chart is life changing. Your heart felt evolutionary astrology discussion with me has been and is transforming. You've shown me my path, correctly. It's been a long time in the making. Thank you so much for this.  Tiphan Hunter, Multi-media Artist/Illustrator

"The reading I received from Deborah Sipple’s Talking Sky was profound.
I have had many good readings over the years . . . one of the things that made this reading stand out was her taking into account the day light savings time factor.  This put a slight tweak on my chart and shone a new light on things. It all made sense and actually felt like a hidden gift that was being revealed.
The overall reading was comprehensive and insightful. Deborah is a beautiful being and she brings a lot to the table.
The reading is encapsulated in a keep sake bundle from Deborah - a folder with CD’s and notes … a special packet to refer back to over time.”   Thanks Deborah! ~ MM, Santa Fe, NM