MARCH 20, 2019

On March 20, 2019 at 6:42pm PDT there will be a Super Full Moon at the onset of Libra, 0 degree, 9 minutes which is harmonious with the cosmic energy of the Vernal Equinox, or the first day of Spring, also March 20th.  The day when the Sun moves into the first degree of Aries and a new cycle begins with the hours of light and dark in perfect equilibrium.  

In the northern hemisphere it is a cycle of new life forming, buds of future blooms beginning to appear and we collectively experience a sense of renewal with the coming season. For my readers in the southern hemisphere, the changes in nature are different, yet whether in the northern or southern hemisphere there is shared sense of unity in response to the changing seasons, the balance of light and dark and to this Super Full Moon, which is Libra energy. Our connections with others.  

The Full Moon occurs when the Moon and Sun are in opposing signs at the exact same degree and always reminds us of the importance of balance within ourselves as well as our lives. This Full Moon in Libra will bring up issues and feelings around relationships and with the Sun in Aries the dynamic involves the personal needs vs the needs of others. Aries is independent and assertive where Libra values interdependence and compromise. Both sides hold value and this Moon is a good time to look for the middle ground between them.  Engage in heartfelt discussion where the needs of both are honored through honest negotiation. Explore new ideas to develop and maintain that balance. 

Additionally, Chiron in Aries is conjunct the Sun and opposes the Moon creating a deep awareness of the pain and fear that can arise when we feel isolated or disconnected. We are in a time where many people have a harder time relating to others, having conversation or emotional sharing directly with other people. Even in important relationships. There is so much information overload as well as the use of social media and texting as means to communicate that there seems to be this collective anxiety around direct human connection that is growing. I have to believe that there is the potential to heal our wounds around this.  The first step is awareness which thankfully is growing. This Moon shines a light on this issue of emotional isolation and that there are ways to create a deeper inner balance and as well as our connection to others.  

There are also some additional astrological influences in the cosmic backdrop to consider with this Moon. Mercury in Pisces retrograde in close contact with Neptune in Pisces offers compassionate communication to go over issues and desires, just be aware of the potential of apathy or confusion which can dissipate any meaningful progress. 

Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus form an exact square creating some initial challenges around the desire for freedom and authenticity, and the striving for stability or keeping things the same, that can feel unyielding.  Meaningful commitment and stability holds the potential to work with the freedom to grow authentically even though each situation is unique, needing individual consideration.  Although difficult, squares can provide the deep motivation for growth and at times the need for making some tough decisions.  

Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn bring in the wise and mature message that discipline and commitment to what is truly meaningful will bring the best results in the long run.  

This Full Moon in Libra has an energy of desire for new connections, opening up to and seeking out new relationships with others and within yourself. Looking at areas of life that could use an update or redo to re-invigorate and add to this energy of the changing seasons of life. Consider how you might bring in additional beauty and balance into your daily life, through the arts, your environment or spiritual practice that feeds peace within.

For some this Super Full Moon can be very intense and emotions can overwhelm. Issues and feelings around relationships that arise do so because the time is right to look at them. Be aware of Libra’s shadow potential of side stepping conflict.  It’s not that everything needs to be resolved on this night, but that with honest intentions, compassion and the desire to look at both sides fairly, there is always a greater opportunity to find loving common ground and bring healing to our ourselves and our relationships.  So that we may begin them, strengthen and improve them, or decide it is time to end them; with honor and peace.   

Revel in the light of this Moon. Embrace your emotions, write them down, share them or find a way to release them that frees something within your heart and soul.  Plant some seeds of a new season of your life.  Breathe in the balance of the moment. We are beginning a new cycle with a full heart of ourselves and our place with others.  

If you can see this Super Full Moon tonight my wish is that the beauty of this light brings you a greater sense of inner balance, calm and connection. To the greater natural world, to your inner world and to others.  We are with ourselves, but we are not alone.

Happy Vernal Equinox!!

If you are interested in knowing where this Super Full Moon in Libra occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth. 

Be Well ~ Be Love