JANUARY 31, 2018

On January 31, 2018, at 6:36am MST, there will be a Super Blue Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, 11 degrees, 37 minutes. This Moon is a Super Moon because it is closer to the Earth in its orbit, so it appears larger and brighter. Being the 2nd Full Moon in the month gives it the Blue Moon name and the reddish tint from the Earth’s shadow dimming the light is where Blood Moon comes from. So early morning on Wednesday, we will be able to witness a cosmic event that hasn’t happened for 150 years.  This unique and momentous Lunar Eclipse can be somewhat viewed in the US, especially on the west coast, Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Asia, Australia, and parts of Europe. 

This lunar phase astrologically is an extra powerful Full Moon, illuminating the night sky as well as giving us the opportunity to gain clarity about a situation, our feelings, our relationships and our direction.  The eclipse itself sets in motion a kind of emotional reset and as well as changes within ourselves and our lives that can unfold over the course of the next 3-6 months. It can be helpful to pay attention to any inner and outer life shifts.  Meaningful practices such as journaling can be helpful in tracking your feelings and events, helping you to facilitate decisions along with gaining a deeper understanding of your personal growth and happiness.

The energy of Leo can be understood through the lens of The Child, The Performer, The King.  Larger than life, colorful, bold, playful and dramatic, Leo has the potential if called, to lead through example with a dignified grace. Because the Full Moon intensifies our emotional center creating a driving need to express what we’re feeling, and this Moon is in self-expressive Leo it dials up the need to share what is in our heart even more so. This is the time to do so, but remember that if someone is listening they also need their time in the spotlight.

During the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon always align in an opposition of astrological signs.  This current polarity is the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius. Looking at this dynamic, Leo, a fire sign ruled by the Sun has a bright light that naturally seeks to express its personal story with the trust that it will be received and appreciated. In that, Leo is “seen”, honestly and lovingly.  The cycle of expression and appreciation when distorted can become an overly dramatic and even false representation of self, due to an excessive need for attention and dominant compliance, which is the shadow expression of Leo.

Aquarius, an air sign ruled by Uranus represents the process of individuation and the importance of being authentic, even in the face of disapproval or opposition. Aquarius is intellectual and the humanitarian, connected to group consciousness. At times Aquarius if not able to live their truth can become overly detached leading to feelings of isolation.   

This creates a contrast between the individual and self-expression vs the collective and group expression. The aspect of an opposition creates tension and awareness between the opposed planets and signs. All aspects require integration to get the most of the configuration. There is a need to honor both ends as well as recognize a gift in the balance between them.

During this lunar phase there are additional astrological influences showing up.  Lined up with the Sun are the South Node, Venus and the Asteroid Juno all in Aquarius opposing the Moon.  These influences are calling us to grow in love, supporting a greater expression of uniqueness and authenticity. When we commit to breaking some of the limiting boundaries of how we define love and relationships, we open the door to a more generous and inclusive human connection. A heart based bond that empowers and supports each of us, our meaningful relationships as well as the evolution of humanity.

This confluence of Aquarius energy also call us to be aware of the potential to mentally rationalize holding onto fixed ideas about our relationships. Ideas that limit us and can create a sense of not belonging that is wounding. When we fail to allow love to evolve, due to rigid thoughts and beliefs, we stop growing and we can more easily fall into fear, negativity, limitation and detachment from who we truly are.

On the other side of this opposition and feeding into this powerful Moon is the North Node in Leo and the dwarf planet Ceres in Leo which is in an exact conjunction with the Moon.  Ceres is the Bountiful Earth Mother and her tight connection with the Moon in Leo can bring up painful issues around Mothering, but she also urge us to bring healing to these personal wounds. When we are children, to grow up healthy we need that loving reflection of ourselves, shown to ourselves. We need to be “seen”, appreciated and loved for who we are. With that kind of Mothering, if we have children, we are more likely to bring that to them as well.

For those of us that lacked appropriate, loving and supportive Mothering as a child, can we open our hearts to our inner child and become our own loving Mothers now? Can we learn to appreciate ourselves, for ourselves? Can we encourage ourselves to reach for the guiding light of trust and joy that we can be ourselves and find appreciation out in the world? And very importantly, can we bring healing to those we love by offering them our heart, brimming with trust, light, love and appreciation?

Astrologically we are all on a transformational ride. We are receiving messages, internally and externally that it’s time for an evolutionary leap individually and collectively. We are being asked to reach deep and bring forth a more authentic version of ourselves. We are being shown that it’s time to do the healing work where we commit to and strive for a more meaningful life that matters to each of us. There is a sense of urgency and awareness of the preciousness of life. Astrology is a guide that can help each of us to navigate this potent and changing time we are in, and to understand our place in it. My hope is that these astrological posts offers some support and encouragement for each and every one of you.

May this Super Blue Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse encourage you to listen with your heart, hear the messages it wants you to know. Open up and express yourself.  Share your feelings with honesty and listen as well as you would like to be heard.  There is something that is demanding of our individual and collective attention and can’t be ignored. It asks for commitment.  No half measures or bland overtures. It’s time to open to changes and show ourselves in some manner, to shine our special light into the world. This Moon also inspires us to be the appreciator. To receive the light of others and shine it back to them in love and grace. We need to lift each other up and celebrate our uniqueness, as we honor our greater connection to each other, to life, to consciousness, to All That Is.

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love