September 7th to the 11th, Mars the planet of courage makes a square to Saturn the planet of self-discipline. When Mars and Saturn meet, frustration is high and patience thin. Mars wants action, and currently in the sign of Leo defends the need for some fun, creative self-expression and joy! Saturn with age-old wisdom reveals the necessity for self- discipline and commitment. As Saturn is currently in the water sign of Scorpio, the work of honestly facing old wounds and memories to facilitate healing is important. However, so is the pursuit of joy and creative self-expression. Choose your battles wisely. Think strategically. You may have to wait, to later move forward. Stress and tough choices are possible.

The aspect of a square can be challenging, but offers opportunity to grow through the process of facing challenges posed, as well as difficult decisions.

Beginning September 10th, and peaking on September 21st, Saturn moves into a sextile with Pluto, the planet of transformation. Saturn requires attention to the area of life it is affecting (in the birth chart), as well as hard work and facing reality even if it is difficult. Inner growth, dignity, and healing are found through this process. Pluto also asks for healing, and currently in the sign of Capricorn, sends to the surface of our awareness, old repressed material for honest review. Pluto’s ultimate gift is guiding us to our higher purpose. One that we care about with passion, and in living our true destiny, adds meaning to our lives.

When Saturn and Pluto come together in this way, there is opportunity to shine light on issues that prevent you living your higher purpose. Deep reflection and honesty is necessary. More than ever the world that we live in needs fully engaged people living their purpose, doing the work they know they came here to do.

Sextiles are aspects that are supportive and stimulating, but can lead to over-extension. Remain aware as you proceed.

The New Moon in Virgo occurs on September 5th. Emotions can feel analytical and detail oriented. With the intention of making things better, honestly assess your feelings, and communicate with clarity and compassion, without wounding criticism of yourself or others. This is an excellent time to begin any new project, skill, or service by organizing details into a carefully laid out action plan.

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 19th, heightens emotions and in the sensitive water sign of Pisces higher inspiration, compassion and a feeling of soul connection with all that is can be expressed deeply. Such sensitivity can also lead to unhealthy means of escapism if there is emotional pain or overwhelm. Expressing emotions through creative means can be helpful as well as meditation, prayer or any spiritual practice that brings comfort through connecting to divine source.

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