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My first question is about the Sun conjunct Neptune. If the Sun is about the ego and will and Neptune is about transcending ego, what happens to the Sun with a Neptune conjunction? Is there hope and if so, how can such a configuration be expressed positively? (in my case I think the piscean Mars and Midheaven further aggravate the issue, and will is something I have trouble manifesting in general except, of course, in my spiritual life which is booming.

T.C. Thank you for your questions.

All symbols in your chart are neutral with a range of potential, from high vibration to low vibration. What you do with that potential is up to you. And that is where learning about your chart and becoming more self aware is key to you understanding the potential, so that you can make choices that open life up to the richness, growth, authenticity, and joy that is there for you to claim.  And you have been and are continuing to learn about your chart…so please remain hopeful.
Your Sun and Neptune are in the same degree. This is a very powerful and intense fusion. It is almost as if they are one, but for the purpose of answering your questions I will focus mostly on your Sun.

The Sun is your vitality, life force, your sense of self, that knowingness of “you” deep within. The Sun, and the sign and house it is in reveals the types of people and experiences that nurture your Sun. The Sun conjunct Neptune infuses your vitality and life force with the dreamy, psychic, spiritual, mystical part of you that seeks self transcendence. You came here this time to grow beyond mere will and ego in regards to your identity and who you are. But it doesn’t take away your Sun, your will, or your sense of who you are. The high potential is for your identity, your sense of self to be deeply spiritually centered.

This extreme fusion between your Sun and Neptune; along with the fact that wherever Neptune lives in the birthchart, is where you can have a hard time seeing clearly…could make it difficult for you to see your Sun clearly at times. The fact is, you came into this life extremely Neptunian!!  If you aren’t already practicing it, one thing that I feel would be beneficial and also grounding for you would be meditation.  Shadow material or expression to be aware of with this configuration would be delusion or escapism; any excessive behavior merely for the purpose of numbing out.

Feed your Sun experiences that keep your light shining bright. And although you do have knowledge of your chart, here is some more specific information that supports a more positive expression of your Sun. Your Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarian energy and experiences will feed your sun and support your inner light to shine brightly. Experiences that break up your everyday routine and stretch your horizons are good for you, as well as freedom, expansion and growth, going out and seeing what the world is about. Travel of mind, body, and spirit as you search for what life means to you. Be aware that feeling stuck and bored, unable to grow and explore will surely dim your light
And then you need to also look at the house that your Sun is in, which is the 5th house of pleasure. These pleasures can run the gamut from sexual pleasure to artistic or athletic endeavors.  With your Sun in the 5th house, you need fun, and the ability to grow and explore this wide range of experiences.  The joyful bliss that you can find in a rainbow of 5th house experiences is also part of what will help you feel a strong vital life force. The key to the 5th house is to explore and enjoy a range of pleasures and expressions; and not just one, where all others fall away.

You also mention your Mars and Midheaven in Pisces aggravating the situation. The astrological configurations you came into this lifetime with, are as they are for reasons. These are your guides to help you grow this lifetime. Their lessons also are what can challenge you to grow as you move along the evolutionary path of soul growth. I think that some of what you are feeling, this struggle with manifesting your will stems from your South Node in Leo in the 2nd house.  As it is your South Node, this is an energy that you have basically learned all you can from it.  Now, in this lifetime it is time to walk a different path, to learn new things, to grow, to evolve.If there is a more specific area of your life, or certain types of experiences where you feel you have a difficult time manifesting your will, please let me know what they are. Maybe I can shine some light on them also.

Next question:What does the absence of earth mean?

The absence of planets in earth signs, means that the major lessons and experiences needed for you this time around are based within the energy of the other elements, fire, air, and water. Keep in mind that you have a very active 6th house, which is an earth house, having to do with meaningful work and service, duties and obligations, health and mentoring. You also have Virgo on the cusp of your Nadir and the 4th House, and Capricorn on the cusp of your Descendant, and the 7th House. These are two important points in the chart even if there are no planets conjuncting the cusps, and the signs on these two cusps show how you approach these areas of life. And one last thing; every chart has all 12 signs in it. I believe that even if there isn’t a planet in a sign in a particular chart, that every chart and every person embodies all 12 sign energies within. On some level you have and express all 12 signs.  Your outer life may not show this on a large scale, but if we did some in depth work, I would be able to show you how the energies were alive in you. So although your major life lessons aren’t involving an earth sign, you do have earth influence in your chart.