All times listed are Mountain Time and have been adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. For Pacific Time subtract one hour. For Central Time add one hour. For Eastern Time Add two hours. For Universal Time add 7 hours.


september 2018

Sun -  Virgo/Libra - September 24th

Mercury - Leo/Virgo - September 7th

Venus - Libra/Scorpio - September 10th

Mars - Capricorn/Aquarius - September 12th

Jupiter - Scorpio

Saturn - Retrograde in Capricorn/Stations Direct - September 6th

Uranus - Retrograde in Taurus

Neptune - Retrograde in Pisces

Pluto - Retrograde in Capricorn

september 2018 MOON MOVEMENT

September 1st - Taurus

September 2nd - Gemini 2:01am

September 4th - Cancer 6:03am

September 6th - Leo 7:54am

September 8th - Virgo 8:28am

September 9th - New Moon in Virgo, 0 degrees, 17 minutes 12:01pm

September 10th - Libra 9:20am

September 12th - Scorpio 12:14pm

September 14th - Sagittarius 6:44pm

September 17th - Capricorn 5:08am

September 19th - Aquarius 5:52pm

September 22nd - Pisces 6:27am

September 24th - Full Moon in Aries, 1 degree, 59 minutes

September 27th - Taurus 1:16am

September 29th - Gemini 7:26am


Communication.....such a vital part of our existence with others.

When Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde, our thought process and perceptions, our ability to gather and share information can become more tangled than at other times.  The mental process seems to have turned inward and become deeper, harder to access.  Information and forms of communication, from faxes and phone messages, to contracts and conversation can become confusing, misunderstood, even lost.  Although it can seem frustrating at times, there is a gift to be found during this time. This can be a time of slowing down, stopping to reflect upon people, experiences, issues, or decisions, that may benefit from a little more time, a little more thought.  A time to finish up some of the loose ends that begin showing up in a busy life. If at all possible, waiting to sign contracts or make major decisions until clear understanding of all angles of a binding situation are known.  

To make the most of this time of reflection and consideration within your life, it's important to know where transiting Mercury is within your birthchart. For anyone that would like to know this information, please email me with your birth date, mm/dd/yy, time of birth (exact as possible) am/pm, and city and state of birth. I'll email you with the house location of Mercury retrograde in your birthchart.  

There is a period of about 2 weeks before and after Mercury retrograde that can also slow things down and create confusion. Do be aware of this easing into and withdrawing energy as you navigate these retrograde phases.


March 22nd - Station Retrograde in Aries 16 degrees, 13 minutes/April 15th - Station Direct in Aries 4 degrees, 47 minutes

July 25th - Station Retrograde in Leo 23 degrees, 24 minutes/August 18th - Station Direct in Leo 11 degrees, 31 minutes

November 16th - Station Retrograde in Sagittarius 13 degrees, 24 minutes/December 2nd - Retrograde into Scorpio/December 6th - Station Direct in Scorpio 27 degrees, 20 minutes