Intensity is in the air as November 1st begins with Uranus, the planet of authenticity, in Aries and Pluto, the planet of transformation, in Capricorn once again moving into an exact aspect of a square. This is the 4th square in a series of 7 squares between these two powerful planets, that began building up in October. These squares are a significant part of the radical “waking up” and transformation that we are all experiencing; collectively and or personally.

A “square” between planets is challenging, sometimes creating crisis, yet very compelling and growth oriented. On November 1st and the rest of the month, keep a deep awareness of your feelings, of what you say and do. Recognize any fears or frustrations. Remain mindful. As much as possible, be clear on what you passionately care about, in your life, and the world. Open to and honor your divine purpose. Any conflicts, issues, inspirations that may come up for you personally are there to bring needed truths into the light for healing and to open you to a deeper, truer expression of self. Move with conscious intention, care, and if needed, caution. There may be sudden changes that feel destabilizing, yet create space for the development of something more meaningful and authentic, that can change the very landscape of your life

Between November 13th and the 16th, Venus, the planet of love, relationship, and creativity will move into the mix of the Uranus, Pluto square. Venus recently moved into the earth sign of Capricorn, a sign that seeks integrity through inner authority, commitment, responsibility, and creating something meaningful and solid. Venus is a fast moving planet and during these 4 days, intense interactions are possible concerning what, who, and how you love. Hard truths may be necessary, as well as the need for meaningful change, commitment, re-evaluation, re-adjustment, or release.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
The New Moon is like the blank rune, a perfect void, yet full of unknown potential inviting you to draw from within and begin, a time to initiate something inwardly or out in your world. This month is a solar eclipse and all solar eclipses are an extra potent New Moon, and always signify change that can begin up to 3 months before or after. During this November 3rd Dark Moon in the probing water sign of Scorpio, dive deep for needed truths. Is there something that needs to be explored, shared, or healed? Emotional honesty, with yourself or another can create new levels of connection and understanding.

Full Moon in Taurus
Emotions loom large during a Full Moon and on November 17th the Full Moon is in the earth sign of Taurus. A good time to clarify your values and what provides stability. Taurus is sensual and enjoys living through the body, so dance, do yoga, eat your favorite meal, just be aware of too much over indulgence. Ground yourself in nature or earth based ritual. Express your feelings calmly and be aware of possible emotional blowups due to stubbornness or resistance to communication.

Be Well ~ Be Love
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