JULY 16, 2019

On July 16, 2019 there will be a partial lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, 24 degrees, 4 minutes at 2:38 pm PDT. This last lunar eclipse of 2019 will be visible from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe and Asia. It won’t be visible in North American except in the most southern and eastern parts.

This eclipse is a very potent Full Moon. The Full Moon occurs when the Moon and Sun oppose each other. This Full Moon is in Capricorn opposing the Sun in Cancer. During the Full Moon there is a dynamic that creates tension and awareness of the different needs of the two luminaries.

Capricorn is an earth sign with a natural expression of authority, integrity and commitment to the accomplishment of goals. Pragmatic Capricorn ruled by Saturn, builds support systems that result in resources that are lasting and solid.  Cancer is a water sign with a natural expression of nurturing, empathy and healing. Sensitive Cancer ruled by the Moon, is oriented to home and family, creating lasting bonds of mutual support, safety and love.  This opposition highlights the balance needed between the professional life and the personal life and these issues will become more important for many during this Full Moon. 

However, because this is an eclipse there is more to this Moon phase.  Lunar eclipses bring change, sometimes up to 6 months later as well as provide an opportunity for an emotional reset.  Eclipses also bring our attention to look at what is hidden or that we don’t want to acknowledge.  

Adding to this energy is Pluto, the South Node and Saturn all retrograde in Capricorn right next to the Moon. Pluto sitting the closest intensifies the energy and compels you to peel away the layers of denial about what is truly meaningful; in your work and your lives. Next to Pluto is the South Node and Saturn. Saturn the ruler of Capricorn brings a sober message that to repeat old patterns that are outgrown or just not working anymore will only bring more of the same results and could be a sterner wake-up call than is comfortable. Pluto and Saturn are serious reminders that the times we are in now are times where we are being called to claim our inner authority and to show up ready to commit to the mountains we want to climb.   

Emotions will be intense during this Moon and power struggles within ourselves and with others is a strong possibility. Share your feelings with those you trust and offer in return compassion and strength.  Realizations of your heart will come through helping you to release the patterns that limit you and deepen your resolve to keep going, keep growing.  

Because these are serious times that have most of our attention and because I am a Leo, I am mentioning Mercury. During this Lunar Eclipse, Mercury is retrograde in Leo. When Mercury slows down, our mental focus turns inward and reflective on what was, what is and what could be. Leo is creative and self-expressive, the flower in full bloom and reminds us that we all need some joy. Yes, we are in powerful times of deep healing, transformation and aiming for our great work. However let’s not forget that ultimately a life well lived also includes joy. 

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth. 

Be Well ~ Be Love