AUGUST 11, 2018

The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees, 41 minutes of Leo, on August 11th will be the final eclipse of 2018. Eclipses are extra potent New Moons and Full Moons that reveal some inner or outer truth, facilitate change and growth potential in our lives. These changes can occur up to 6 months after an eclipse. It can be helpful to know the area of the birthchart that the eclipse occurs and any planets or points that are affected and to make note of any future changes that are experienced. This way we can more deeply understand the way eclipses impact our lives.

A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon and the New Moon represents beginnings. New Moons prompt us to take a step forward into the dark, to trust the process of growth, movement and manifestation. That in itself holds quite a bit of emotional intensity. Fears, questions and uncertainty can arise in not knowing the end result or all that will occur along a new a path. However, this monthly lunar phase can be a very empowering and even exciting time where we are all called to participate in the creative process of shaping our lives.

What gives us joy? What are we missing about our personal sense of self, and our identity? What needs attention, what part of ourselves is asking for more genuine expression? Where and how can we bring a sense of playfulness or creativity back into life? These are some Leo questions.

Leo is a fixed fire sign and ruled by the Sun, boosting this Solar Eclipse even more. Leo is bold, dramatic, loyal and dignified, colorful, playful and self-expressive. Some Leo archetypes are the leader, the child, the performer. From a healthy perspective and without any guile, Leo needs to shine and their essence needs to be seen.  There is an honest desire to express the self with trust and to naturally receive recognition and appreciation for that personal expression.  This can create a joyful exchange of energy between people, a performer and their audience, or a leader and their team as examples.

Leo can also be overly dramatic and ramping it up in sometimes a very big and loud manner. This excessive need for attention, sometimes at any cost, is Leo’s shadow and distorts Leo’s natural solar expression.

Consider this…in a busy life and ever changing world, have we lost our sense of who we are? Have we disconnected from our personal expression that is needed for a healthy and strong feeling of vitality and being alive and connected in the world? Have we lost the ability to play or enjoy life?  This Moon can bring us back around to ourselves. Not in a smug or overly self-absorbed manner, but in the way of creating healthy relationship with ourselves. Where we become more fully integrated within and are able to shine our unique light out into the world with the trust that we will be received by others. Where others see who we really are and appreciate us, and in varying degrees, we all need that.  And that can be one other person or an auditorium full of people.  As much as we sometimes downplay ego, the ego and the identity is important for us to be able to show up in this world, bring our gifts, find joy, know love, live our purpose, inspire others and spread it around by shining our light on others.

There are some additional aspects to this New Moon with Mercury and Jupiter.  Mercury, currently retrograde in Leo conjuncts the Moon infusing thought and communication into this emotional process. Reminding us to slow down and to think things out. There can be some deep contemplation about the identity and potential new avenues of personal expression, especially for those with the natal Sun in Leo. For all of us during this New Moon conjunct Mercury retrograde, strategize and make plans. Study the plans and make comparisons, ask advice and make lists.  Go back, go through and sort out. Check in with your happiness meter and think about new ways of being you that may be calling, or new ways being creative if so inclined, or just simply having fun, all that you can begin to move forward with when Mercury stations direct on August 18th.

Coming in at 90 degrees, Jupiter in Scorpio squares the Moon and creates an exact square with Mercury challenging us with the wounds and fearful thoughts about how we see ourselves vs how we would like to see ourselves. What may be holding us back from living and being who we know we truly are? Are we feeding our personal natal Sun the experiences it needs to feel secure and shine? Are we able to genuinely express ourselves with the trust that we will find our natural audience and in that, experience appreciation for who we are?  Although squares can feel difficult, Jupiter urges us to bet on ourselves and have faith that when we claim all of ourselves, including our hurt places, we have the opportunity to facilitate healing, create forward movement and live from a more joyful, expressive and grounded sense of self.

This powerful Solar Eclipse, the last of 2018 signals us to work with these changes, within ourselves and in our lives. I encourage you all to participate as much as you can. We each have a beautiful, unique and powerful inner light that seeks expression. We live in a world that desperately needs the light that we each can bring. Know you are here for a reason and your light, your depth, your life force is precious and I appreciate each and every one of you. The world and my world would be a whole lot dimmer and much less interesting without you!

If you would like to know the house within your birthchart that this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo falls  please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love