JULY 12, 2018

The New Moon Eclipse on July 12, 2018, at 20 degrees, 41 minutes of Cancer will occur at 8:47pm MDT.

The New Moon is the end and the beginning of a new lunar cycle and a time of creation that begins deep within. We are called to create from our heart and move forward in faith that life is fluid and we are part of the process.  Just as we can’t see a New Moon in the dark night sky, we are unable to see the entirety of a new path or the end result of a new idea or project started. There is beauty in the mystery of not knowing and personal power to be found as we venture forward into the dark, where we create and bring something to life.

Eclipses are super charged New and Full Moons that usher in change and this eclipse sets the tone for the beginning of this portion of the eclipse season that brings us 3 eclipses within the next lunar month. This eclipse will be the 1st. The next eclipse will be on July 27th and the 3rd and final eclipse of 2018 will be on 11th. So hold on….and be as present as you’re able…for this is a powerful time.

Cancer is a water sign and represents the Healer and the Mother, caring, empathetic and oriented to home, family, and safety.  With a deep nurturing instinct, Cancer naturally shows up for others and is fearful of causing pain or hurt, especially with loved ones.  This can lead to pushing down personal feelings, needs, and desires. So much so, that Cancer can become invisible, while always being there for others. The high expression of Cancer is to open the heart, to be vulnerable enough to be seen. To receive validation, support, and love.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this can add extra emotional rawness to this lunation.  Be aware that Cancer energy is tender and sensitive and at times overly moody which can lead to over reactions or shutdowns.  By creating a safe space to process emotions with loving support, there is a greater opportunity for resolution and healing.

Adding to this intense lunar phase is Pluto in Capricorn in an exact opposition with this Eclipse. This aspect creates some tension and a deeper awareness as it magnifies the potential for powerful emotional release, transformation and personal growth. When Pluto comes into contact with another planet, dark repressed material and emotions are stirred up so that they will come to the surface to be looked at once again.  Issues around inner authority, vulnerability, home and family, career and goals are some that may arise during this Moon. Although Pluto’s influence can feel uncomfortable, when we do the work of facing our wounds with honesty and compassion, that is true Pluto work and that is when healing can begin.

Also, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces trine this New Moon Eclipse, increasing our faith, intuition and higher guidance as we delve deep into our psyche and navigate our desires for renewal and upcoming changes.

This New Moon Eclipse in Cancer brings us a message of care. Self-care and inner guidance to understand how we can create greater confidence and well-being, within ourselves and in our outer life.  When we can do that, then we’re better able to care for others. Eclipses also bring us an extra strong push to open up to new levels of consciousness. This is not always easy, but know this....eclipses bring an opportunity for each of us to birth a higher version of ourselves.  To do that we need to be clear about our desires and have a vision of what that looks and feels like.  To honor our vulnerabilities as doorways for growth and say, even if only to ourselves, what we need to be happy. To heal. To be whole.

Be gentle with yourselves and with others, for there will be changes to keep the flow of life moving. . Remember we are all in this together.

If you are interested in knowing where this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love