New Moon in Virgo - September 19, 2017

Every 29.5 days the light of the Moon is not seen.  We are cloaked in the velvet dark night during the time of the New Moon, yet we feel her energy…beckoning us, drawing us into that interior space of thought and feeling. We sense it is time to begin. The sign the New Moon is in provides empowering guidance and method, helping us to consciously and actively move forward in our lives.

On September 19, 2017, at 11:29pm MDT, we will have a New Moon in the earth sign of Virgo, 27 degrees, 27 minutes. Oriented to doing everything extremely well, Virgo is analytical, practical, with great attention to detail.  Virgo likes to make things better, through developing something, a skill or talent to a level of excellence and then bringing it to others. In that effort, is the gift of service. A way to improve the quality of life. 

Discernment is one of the finest expressions of Virgo; the ability to determine what or who is healthy, or harmful. This is a good time to think about this as we evaluate our life direction and desires. Sorting out what needs to be worked on, or what needs release, and what will further our personal and collective evolution.

Adding to this energy is transiting Chiron in Pisces which opposes the New Moon, and both Chiron and Pisces are highly tuned in to the pain of others. This opposition heightens our awareness to the amount of suffering in the world, stimulating our feelings of wanting to provide help or support to those in need, as well as our own personal wounds. Be aware that this attunement to the challenges of the world has the potential to result in overwhelm and apathy, affecting our level of effectiveness.

Working with awareness and intention, Chiron in Pisces opens us to compassion, divine love, and higher guidance. The New Moon in Virgo can provide the ability and motivation to develop and offer some sort of practical solution to the pain and suffering. Not only for others, but for ourselves as well. When we are able to find our personal path of addressing our wounds and facilitating the healing process, we then have a greater ability to bring that to others.

During this Moon get in touch with your feelings. Honestly analyze your situation. What is calling you? What and where do you want to set something in motion?  What part of yourself, or your life would benefit from positive change or enhanced growth?  Is there a skill or gift that you have been wanting to develop or activate and that in doing so would improve your self-confidence, your life experiences, or the lives of others?

This is the time. Open the door to elevated growth fueled by your heart. By the desire to continue to craft your life. Set objectives and plant the seeds with care. In doing so the process of something growing and coming into fruition over time begins. Something that you desire to do well. Be aware of the potential to become overwhelmed by the details and fall into the clutches of negativity. If this occurs, step back and take a breather. Recognize your abilities and honor them. And know that with focus, discernment, and thoughtful planning you can find a solution. You can create a more satisfying resolve. Be more. Each of us has the potential to achieve our own level of personal excellence in something that matters to us, and in doing so, we advance our lives, as well as the world.  

If you would like to know the house within your birthchart that this New Moon falls into, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love