AUGUST 30, 2019

In the final days of August we begin to move into the astrological energy field of Virgo.  Practical, discerning and a lover of analyzing anything or anyone (including self), Virgo calls us to seek improvements within ourselves, our relationships, our work or some other area of our lives.  

On August 30, 2019, the New Moon rises in the sign of Virgo, 6 degrees, 46 minutes at 3:37am PDT.  

The New Moon represents the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of another. A time of going within to understand your feelings and what you feel compelled to move forward on. Start a new project, refresh your sense of purpose or set off on a new path of discovery. This lunar phase is always about moving forward in life and Virgo is a perfect companion who is always ready to see what is and what could be. Virgo has an innate talent and desire to carefully strategize and form the perfect plan, activating greater efficiency and effectiveness.    

Virgo is also the sign that seeks to be of service through developing something perfectly and then bringing it to others. As perfection does drive Virgo, it’s possible to end up overwhelmed with details and not getting everything “just right.”  Falling into a self-defeating pattern of excessive and damaging criticism of yourself or others is very possible for anyone as it is the shadow expression of Virgo. For those of you that are Virgo’s or carry strong Virgo energy in your chart, the potential for the shadow expression is greater.  If you begin to get caught up in this pattern it’s very important to remember that perfection isn’t truly attainable, but striving for excellence is. And be gentle with yourself.  Appreciate and know there is great value in your abilities and desire to create improvement and positive change in your life as well as others.  

This New Moon has a lot of company astrologically adding to the energy. Let’s break this down. With Mars in a tight conjunction with the New Moon, passion heats up the heart, but Mars is also Warrior energy and under certain circumstances could feed frustration or anger that goes over the top. The good news is that with Venus close by the desire for connection creates a loving balm that can shift negativity and heal hurt feelings. Mars close to the New Moon also fires up the desire to take action on a new strategy, goal or long term plan that will feed your heart in some manner.   

Mercury in Virgo on the other side of the New Moon activates ideas and conversation that can find solutions and strengthen personal bonds or get lost in all that is wrong, breaking down meaningful communication.  

Additionally Venus in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn bringing more opportunity to use discipline, wisdom, personal responsibility and integrity in considering or deciding upon desired projects or plans as well as love and relationships.  

Establishing a broader cosmic stroke, Mercury, the Moon and Sun, Mars and Venus all form a supportive trine with Uranus in Taurus; bringing together your feelings, love, passion and communication. This aspect holds the potential to stimulate positive change, innovative ideas and solutions that can support the authenticity and stability of your relationships, as well as any other deeply held goals or intentions that truly feel right to you.  Working with these energies with conscious intention is key to the outcome.  

There is also an aspect of Virgo that is connected to health through honest self-assessment and the desire to improve the self in some manner. For some of you this can be a powerful time to create healthier personal routines that support your mind, body, spirit connection. Again, be aware of the shadow of damaging criticism.  Self-acceptance and self-love is a valuable healing practice that can support your ability to reach for the high expression of Virgo. Do your best and know the grace in that.   

The New Moon is a beautiful point in time to clean the slate and begin again. To refresh yourself, your relationships and your life. Use discernment and your heart as your guide during this time. Engage with the “I love to solve problems and make things better” energy of Virgo and plant your seeds of intention. It’s time to get started… 

If you are interested in knowing where this New Moon in Virgo occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth. 

Be Well ~ Be Love