DECEMBER 6, 2018

The New Moon draws our attention deep within, to that quiet place where we create.  Where sparks of ideas form, that feed our deepest desires. Where we plant the seeds of our intentions and trust that we will be led to our next best step.  In the moment. Into our future.

The New Moon brings the season of new beginnings, new life to us each month. On December 6, 2018 at 11:20pm PST, the Moon is New at 15 degrees, 7 minutes of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, freedom loving, full of exuberance in the search for meaning. Traveling of mind, body and spirit, Sagittarius loves to study and gather knowledge, travel and explore other cultures and in doing so is then able to grasp a broader understanding of the world, defining personal values and beliefs. For Sagittarius life should be lived as an adventure!

However, the natural faith in life and abundance of enthusiasm that fuels Sagittarius can also lead to the shadow. Sagittarius can miss the red flags and signs to proceed with caution, landing in situations, relationships and mishaps that may have been avoided with some forethought.  Also, unintentional insensitivity towards others is possible, so be aware of these potentials at this time.

Providing extra support is transiting Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius sitting 9 degrees away from the New Moon. Jupiter asks us to believe in ourselves and having recently moved into its own sign of Sagittarius increases this energy of hope, growth and new beginnings.

Adding to this lunar phase is transiting Neptune and Mars both in Pisces squaring the New Moon. This challenging aspect can create frustration and confusion that can blur our vision, making it difficult to understand where to start or even what we are feeling.  Yet Neptune with some quiet time to hear and feel what is compelling us, can provide inspiration and higher guidance. Mars in Pisces is the spiritual warrior that motivates and activates us to take a stand and or move forward.  Although squares can feel difficult, they provide the necessary push for our personal growth.  Difficult decisions may be necessary.

Sitting on the sidelines, but exuding a quiet power is Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn. Saturn grounds us in reality as we consider where and how to start new expressions of life. Saturn holds us to the value of personal integrity, self-discipline and wisdom. That dreams are realized when we commit and do the work to bring them into form.

During this New Moon we are encouraged to emotionally connect to, create from our desire to stretch further into life.  To claim more freedom of choice. To believe in our personal power, our creative spirit and our ability to dream big. Making new plans, renewing our current situation or starting over.

May this New Moon empower you to feed your intentions, strengthen your faith in life and hope for the future.

If you are interested in knowing where this New Moon in Sagittarius occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love