SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 

The New Moon is the starting point of the lunar phase and symbolizes new beginnings. Using our heart as our guide we can create our vision and set intentions. On September 28, 2019 at 11:26am PDT at 5 degrees, 20 minutes of Libra signals a starting point, a reset, or taking our relationships to the next level.  

Libra is an air sign that seeks peace. Oriented to others, with consideration, Libra shines the light of the artist, the lover, the one who makes peace. Libra is the great appreciator of all that is beautiful and gracious in the world. Libra believes in being fair and seeking justice when called for. As all signs, Libra has a shadow and with such a strong desire for everything balanced and harmonious, Libra can fall into the trap of avoiding conflict, indecision and manipulation (to keep everything smooth and happy). Libra can learn the hard way that there is a price for meaningless compromises and a false sense of peace. With grace, be honest with yourself and others to create necessary changes or find meaningful resolutions.  

Chiron in Aries opposes the Moon in Libra bringing up fears and frustration that can get in the way of a new relationship or reflect issues in a current relationship. Tension between the needs of the individual vs the needs of the partnership also can exist and come into focus during this New Moon. With awareness this Chiron/Moon aspect can provide insight into patterns that need attention and help the healing process through courageous compassion and honesty.  

Venus the ruler of Libra is in Libra and sits close by shining gentle loving energy on this Moon. Additionally with Mercury in Libra close by, conversation can flow. Let’s talk about Love…because communication is vital to understanding each other and healthy relationships. This aspect gives us ample opportunity to speak from the heart and initiate connection or work out any issues that need support. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius creates a stimulating sextile with Venus in Libra giving us a green light to reach for our dreams and grow into them.  Saturn, the South Node and Pluto all in Capricorn make a square with Venus in Libra urging caution as we strive for claiming our dreams, reminding us to leave old patterns of behavior that no longer serve us in the past. This compelling square stresses the importance of using our power and integrity wisely when considering love, other people and how we connect to anything or anyone that appeals to us. Over indulgence has consequences.  

This New Moon will energize our relationships with others, but I also suggest that we think about the relationship we have with ourselves, as well as our own inner balance and peace. We need this. The ability to find that calm within as we navigate busy lives and an outer world that is changing, at times chaotically. With constant information and images we can be pulled in many different emotional directions.

Take some time to think about where you feel out of balance and what can you do to create more balance. Is your work out of balance with your time for relaxation? Use this New Moon energy to reconnect to your inner essence, to finding that calm place deep inside. Use your breath. Breathing….an inhale and exhale are an exercise in balance and can create a more grounded and calm center within. 

I feel this Moon reminds us…don’t forget beauty, don’t forget love. The sweetness of connection. Create a deeper more meaningful connection to what nurtures your soul. Cultivate what appeals to you. Create and keep beauty alive in your world in whatever way feels natural to you.  Bring love into everything you are able to and grace into the love you share.  

If you would like to know the house within your birthchart that this New Moon in Libra falls into, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love