New Moon in Gemini

June 13, 2018

Every monthly lunar cycle brings a moonless night, dark and mysterious. Where we can’t see the light, but intuition is fed and guides us within to a pure place of creation. We experience the New Moon and we sense it's a time to reset and renew. Start from scratch or redo, and on June 13, 2018, at 1:43pm MDT,  the New Moon will be in the air sign of Gemini, 22 degrees, 44 minutes.

The New Moon is the emotional starting point. To create from our heart space and plant seeds of intention. The sign of Gemini is active and curious, seeking a wide range of information and experiences. During this New Moon journaling, creative writing and talking about your feelings with a trusted friend or loved one can feel very helpful, even healing with the right person.

Every sign has a goal, and endpoint and Gemini’s is to have an open mind. No holds barred, where communication is key. Listening, talking sharing information, comparing ideas, thoughts, and feelings about any topic.  Gemini believes that there is more than one way to look at everything, and that there is always more to experience. Gemini’s mantra could be that change is good and to be adaptable is the best way to keep the flow of life moving.

Busy and always moving, Gemini at times can be hard to follow.  There can be a tendency to become scattered with too many directions and no way to commit to any one, or two, or even three projects or paths.  This is something to be aware of especially for those that have personal planets in Gemini.  Be flexible and adaptable, but at some point there needs to be a thread of continuity.

The planet that rules the sign the Moon is in, provides a pathway for expression and this New Moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) is in a mutual reception with Mercury in Cancer (ruled by the Moon). By itself Mercury in Cancer is sensitive, empathetic, and has a mental focus on home, family, and personal safety. Shy at times, Cancer can be hesitant to reveal vulnerabilities and ask for help. However, the Moon in Gemini urges us to open up and share our thoughts and feelings through conversation or writing. Due to this mutual reception, which isn’t the norm, head and heart are hand in hand creating an even more potent channel for working with this creative energy.

Transiting Mercury in Cancer makes a few aspects that add complexity and some tenseness to this New Moon.  A T-square is created due to Mercury opposing Saturn in Capricorn and squaring Chiron in Aries. The opposition with Saturn in Capricorn stresses the importance of calling on our inner strength, wisdom and self-discipline in dealing with the reality of sensitive life situations.  

Mercury’s square with Chiron in Aries can trigger frustration, fears and old wounds that can lead to emotional shutdown. During important conversations be aware and sensitive. Mercury in Cancer can be moody with the potential for over-reaction.  If things begin to feel stressful, consider consciously creating a safe space where open communication is supported. In providing compassionate encouragement and an open heart and mind to those that need to share, there is a greater opportunity for deepening mutual understanding as we stand in our personal truth.  

The New Moon is the part of the lunar phase where we are drawn to a sense of starting something, a new beginning, big or small. However, currently we are experiencing three retrograde planets; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, and during this month, two more planets will station retrograde, Neptune on June 18th and Mars on June 26th. With all of this reflective retrograde energy this New Moon can better serve us in conscious communication with loved ones as well as opening us to new ideas, options, and intentions. As much as possible, wait to move forward until the energy begins to open up, and especially with Mars, due to it being the personal planet that activates and sets things in motion. Currently transiting Mars is in the sign of Aquarius bringing us the message to courageously and actively claim authenticity. When Mars stations retrograde it will move back through Aquarius and into the last degrees of Capricorn by the time it stations direct. When retrograde, Mars asks us to deeply reflect on this process of being true to ourselves and when it moves back into Capricorn issues of inner authority, reality, wisdom and maturity will arise. Remember that while Mars is retrograde, it will be important to carefully consider where and how we take action, set boundaries and move forward. Mars will be retrograde until August 27, 2018.

During this New Moon I wish you the delight of discovering new ideas and possibilities. That with deep awareness and an open mind, stimulating connections and healing conversations can shift your perspective and open your heart to the wonders of life.

If you are interested in knowing where this New Moon in Gemini falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth, am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love