new moon in aries

March 27, 2017

On March 27, 2017, at 8:57pm MDT, the New Moon lunar cycle begins in Aries at 7 degrees, 37 minutes of Aries. The New Moon is the Dark Moon. The dark void where creation sparks. And something yet unknown, something new begins to take form…..

As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this adds an extra charge of fired up, let’s get started, active energy. We can feel that something within us or in an area of our lives is calling us. It’s time to plant the seeds, and activate what we most desire.  

Aries is a sign of independence and courage, and at times be overly impulsive and react too quickly. This often leads to undesired results. Aries is ruled by Mars, the Warrior; the planet that represents passion, drive, and boundary setting. Currently Mars is in the earth sign of Taurus, a sign that has a slower method of expression, one that seeks silence, stability, and calm.

Mars in Taurus earlier in the day, makes an exact sextile with Neptune in Pisces, stimulating intuition and higher guidance, as well as helping us to slow down enough to determine direction, and to steady our course. There is a phrase, “slow down, and move faster”, which is something that Aries energy, at times can truly benefit from.

Now Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. The planet that brings us relaxation, restoration, and a connection to people, places, even things, that are guided by, and experienced with love.  Currently Venus is in Aries, and retrograde, sitting very close to the New Moon, providing some reflective, gentle guidance that reminds us to be clear about what we value. With this guidance we understand what our desires and needs are, and how to best move forward.

Can you see this circle of astrological connection? We begin with the New Moon, connecting their ruling planets and signs, and they beautifully lead us back to the New Moon in Aries.

As a broader backdrop, I think it’s important to remember that since 2010/2011, transiting Uranus has been in the sign of Aries, and will finally leave in 2019. This is a deep and long transit that has affected us all in some significant way. Uranus in Aries urges us all to deal with fears, and find our courage to be truly authentic. To participate in the process of aligning our outer existence, with our inner truth of who we are, even in the face of disapproval or opposition.

With that said, I feel that this New Moon in Aries provides another opportunity to work with this larger energy in a positive manner that can bolster courage and motivation, and activate our current personal intentions.

If you would like to know the house within your birthchart that this New Moon in Aries falls into, please send me your birth information. I would need your date of birth mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible), and city and state of birth. Or if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Be Well ~ Be Love