DECEMBER 19, 2016 - JANUARY 8, 2017

On Monday, December 19th, Mercury will station retrograde at 15 degrees, 7 minutes Capricorn until January 8th when it will station direct at 28 degrees, 50 minutes of Sagittarius.

When Mercury stations retrograde the mental process turns inward and delves deeper.  Information and communication can become confusing, tangled, misunderstood, or lost.  All our wonderful technology has a tendency to lock up, have glitch after glitch, crash, and sometimes do things we’ve never seen before and can’t explain. Due to this, during any Mercury retrograde it is even more important, (although it is good advice anytime) to stop and think before you hit delete, and also, back up everything.

In astrology, all the symbols hold a gift, a high expression, and Mercury retrograde with all its bad press, which sometimes is well deserved, does offer all of us a gift.  Mercury retrograde says…slow down. Take some time to think things out.  As this retrograde is at the end of 2016, it offers the opportunity to look back over this year, to evaluate how it unfolded on a personal level. Did you accomplish what you intended to? Are there some things you would like to achieve in 2017 that could use a good plan, a few lists, or some solid intentions?  Meditating, journaling, consulting with trusted friends and family, or making a vision board can offer insight and direction. This can be a productive time to organize, and strategize. To go back over what didn’t work and how it might work out better. Retrogrades can also be a great time to go through things. Clean out drawers and closets if we are so inclined. We all have our stuff, and this can be the perfect time for some to sort it out, and think about what might stay and what might go.

This retrograde begins with Mercury in the earth sign of Capricorn, a sign that is serious in nature and oriented to accomplishment, to integrity, to using wisdom, knowledge, and drive to build something solid, lasting, and meaningful.  When this retrograde is over, Mercury will have moved into the last degrees of Sagittarius, a fire sign that seeks to understand the meaning of life  through the gathering of experiences that go beyond what is already known.

I’ve listed many practical ideas that many engage in during retrogrades, but the inner process is the basis for the outward experience. In thinking about something, some goal, some idea, or something that you’re already working on or engaged with, ask yourself; is this really an outward expression of who I am inside? This could be a project, a career, a relationship, a course of study, or many other things. This is where the idea of personal integrity comes in. Sometimes we want to accomplish something because it seems like it would offer many rewards, or it might be a path or choice that many take, so it must be a good choice.

In the desire to accomplish something significant, it usually works out better, and brings greater fulfillment if it is something that also aligns with who you are inside. And that is the high expression of Capricorn; the determination to accomplish something truly meaningful that represents who you are and what you stand for. The house or houses that this retrograde occurs in the birthchart, will offer greater understanding of this transit on a more personal level.

Do remember that it is wise, if at all possible to wait on signing documents, making major purchases or big decisions. Use this time to go over details so that everything of any binding situation is clearly understood, and then, if you are able, wait until Mercury stations direct of January 8th before you move forward with any plans or commitments. Also, keep in mind that there is that 2 week shadow period after January 8th, when things can still become tangled or misunderstood, as Mercury slowly begins its forward movement.

This can be a lot to think about….but that is what Mercury retrograde is for. And one more thing…solitude can be helpful for Capricorn energy to figure things out…therefore, quiet time and space for some introspection during this retrograde can be useful for clarity.

The house or houses that this retrograde occurs in the birthchart, will offer greater understanding of this transit on a more personal level. If you are interested in knowing where Mercury retrogrades in in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love