December 2013


On December 7th, Mars, the planet of passion, drive and courage moves into the sign of Libra and will be there until July 27, 2014. Mars helps us face our fears and stand our ground, moves us to express ourselves and take action, which can be appropriate and bring desired results, or inappropriate and bring unpleasant consequences. Libra is a peace loving, people loving air sign that seeks beauty, harmony, and balance through shared ideas and experiences. While Mars is in Libra there can be attention directed to relationships, and the true art of peace. Fears, frustration, and fence sitting are possible, which can manifest in angry confrontation with others. The true art of peace requires courage to honestly and openly lay your cards on the table with your meaningful relationships. Truthfulness with grace, tact, and love can bridge many difficulties and result in genuine understanding and harmony, that sidestepping for the sake of keeping the peace never will.

Beginning December 8th until December 17th, Jupiter, the planet of growth, hope, and faith makes a supportive aspect of a trine with Saturn, the planet of self discipline and maturity. Jupiter is expansive and dreams big. Saturn relies on boundaries and the current reality. Although these two planets by character are rather opposite, together they can create the perfect blend for structured, solid, growth. A good time to take that big dream and plant the seeds of what you believe is possible to commit to and achieve.

Mars is active this month as it makes aspects with both Uranus and Pluto. Beginning December 22, until December 27th Mars in Libra will be in an opposition with Uranus in Aries. Then Mars moves on and forms a square with Pluto from December 28th until January 8th. Mars in this position can activate either fear or frustration with any current circumstances that have begun to feel stagnant or empty, or the drive and passion to make decisions, take action to claim more authenticity and deep meaningful purpose. The aspect of the Mars, Uranus opposition sets up a tension that helps to identify the issues, and the square between Mars and Pluto heightens that tension. This aspect can feel very difficult, yet compelling. Difficult decisions may be called for, as the potential for inner and outer growth is available.

The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 2nd, is a good time to plan or begin new pathways of growth. Travel to an exotic location and immerse yourself in the local customs, take a college course you always dreamed about. What intrigues you? The Universe is inviting you to stretch further into life, through the gathering of new experiences.

December 17th brings the Full Moon in Gemini and you may feel it is time to tie up many loose ends and wrap up unfinished projects. There may be lots of ideas and needed conversations, as well as intense emotional sharing with another. Listen well and communicate with an open mind, allowing new information to surface for there is something to learn. Feeling scattered is possible. Remain focused and pull all the threads together for completion

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