On March 1st,   Mars the Warrior, begins a long retrograde in the air sign of Libra until May 19th.  This retrograde brings a time of needed introspection; reflecting upon possible actions, chosen paths, and personal connections.  While Mars is retrograde, relationships can benefit from deep and honest negotiations that can ease any misunderstanding, frustration, or anger, and create the potential to balance needs, deepen passion, and strengthen commitment.  If possible, hold off on taking action until Mars stations direct in May.  Allow the air to clear and then move forward with appropriate action.

Saturn the Elder, currently in the sign of Scorpio will take an even deeper journey into the depths of turbulent energies as it stations retrograde on March 2nd.  Use wisdom, self-discipline, and inner strength to delve further into the dark.  Examine old hurts, fears and unsatisfying choices and patterns of behavior that are holding you back from continued growth and self-esteem.  What deep within requires acknowledgement?  Facing inner demons can be painful and overwhelming.  Connect with a trusted friend or lover to provide perspective during this time of intense focus and necessary healing. Claim your wholeness and know that new levels of dignity and maturity are born from such deep inner work.

On March 6th, Jupiter the planet of hope, faith, and expansion will station direct, bringing some welcome signs of movement in growth and new opportunity.  While Jupiter was retrograde in the sign of Cancer, imagination and intuition expanded, connecting to the possibilities of realizing big dreams, as well as clinging hesitancy and fear.  Now as Jupiter begins its forward motion it is asking for further stretching into the world, opening to inner truth and circumstances required, to continue with faith and optimism.  What was held close in the heart, during the retrograde phase, is now asking for wings of flight.

March 1st brings the first of two New Moons this month.  This New Moon is in the sensitive, sign of Pisces.  Divine inspiration flows, guiding in soul messages of new levels of happinesss. This new moon makes a trine with Jupiter in Cancer, which can add a layer of sometimes hesitant yet heart centered optimism that wants to dream big!  Take time for meditation or prayers.  Pay attention to intuition, dreams, and daydreams, inspiring thoughts, people, and images as guides to new possibilities.

The Full Moon in Virgo sits brightly in the sky on March 16th.  Analyzing emotions can provide accuracy in expressing what you feel, just beware of seeing only what is wrong, instead of realizing the potential to create something better.  Realize that discernment serves better than harsh judgments.  This can also be a good time to complete any projects with attention to detail and excellence.

On March 30th, the 2nd New Moon is in the fiery sign of Aries.  Emotions can run hot and fast. Frustration and impatience can lead to misplaced anger.  Take a moment before you jump in, so that you land where you really want to be.  Acknowledging any fear, yet reaching for courage, can move you in the direction of newfound passion.

Be Well Be Love