full moon lunar eclipse in pisces - september 16, 2016

On September 16, 2016, there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees, 19 minutes, in the sign of Pisces.  Eclipses bring potent information for change. Lunar eclipses stimulate our intuition. We feel it, we sense that there are shifts occurring, within us, and in our outer world. Changes come into our experience and we begin to open to them.

Pisces is a water sign that seeks spiritual union, higher consciousness.  Compassionate, idealistic, romantic, creative. The tendrils of deep inner knowing filtering into our awareness.  A sense of oneness and sweet inspiration. Pisces, as all the zodiac signs, also has its shadow. Escapism, in all its forms, and drifting through life.

It is an intense time for many during a Full Moon. It can magnify the emotions, which may or may not be expressed in a manner that brings about desired results. It is a time when situations can come to a head. Realizations can occur, decisions can be made, and closure can be found. During this powerful eclipse, the sensitive, psychic energy of Pisces will greatly intensify, therefore, use awareness and compassion for yourself and others.  And remember the power in deep, slow breathing, meditation, or prayer if you should feel overwhelmed.

When the Moon is full it creates an opposition with the Sun, and this Moon in Pisces/Sun in Virgo opposition brings our attention to the importance of both the physical and the spiritual, the practical and the divinely inspired, and the gift in understanding that they are in essence, two sides of the same coin.

This eclipse forms a t-square, which includes Mars in Sagittarius squaring both the Sun, and the Moon, as well as Chiron which is sitting right next to the Moon. The opposition of Sun and Moon, and Mars squaring asks us to open up to a higher vision within our own lives as well as for humanity and our planet.  That trust in our higher guidance can inspire us to be of service to the world, in some way that matters to us, and to take appropriate action. Chiron brings us the message that love is the medicine to heal our wounds.

Mars in Sagittarius also makes a tight trine with Uranus in Aries, which provides support between these two planets. This could show up in some instances as careless, sudden actions, or frustration and anger, hand in hand. However, from a higher perspective it is also a signal that with the appropriate decisions and actions, we can intentionally participate in necessary changes with greater personal power.

Humanity does seem to be at a point where important choices need to be considered. To stay the same, or to grow. To move with fear, or with courage. To be careless, or be thoughtful. To be separate or to be as one. To be what we think we should be, or to be authentic. To be fear, or be love.

None of this is simple, and I certainly don’t pretend to have the answers.  I do though glean some information through the planetary energies, and I share that information, as well as write what I feel about the times we are in, in regards to these energies that influence us, individually, and collectively.  

With that said, I will say this. It feels to me, that it is time to be the spiritual warriors within our own lives. Each of us make up the collective, and the collective is being activated for change, for evolution, for bringing forth consciousness that is different from what we’ve known. I feel that many of us recognize that it is time to be compassionate as well as discerning. There are many issues that need our time and attention. We are here together, and when we each infuse and activate our own lives with our gifts, when we live with heart, we create a larger energy that is inclusive, alive with purpose and higher empowerment, that is loving and healing. And please know, that our gifts can look like a million different things. From the simplicity of a genuine smile, or making a meal for your next door neighbor, all the way, and with untold examples in between, to any world renowned person, whose gifts and high intention have made a broader impact worldwide.  It all matters, and we all can make a difference.

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love