June 2013

Deborah Sipple, Astrological Columnist for Northern New Mexico's Natural Awakening's Publication


The flurry of Gemini energy expressed through 5 planets that began in May and brought opportunities through communication and information moves into June, but quickly begins to quiet down a bit on June 2nd as Venus, the Goddess of Love, moves into the sensitive water sign of Cancer.  As Venus fuses with Mercury, now also in Cancer, on June 19th-June 22nd, this can create a few days of needed inward reflection and tender conversation, providing the opportunity to reveal your innermost needs and desires. Be aware that sensitive Cancer energy can also become quite moody and withdraw from opening the heart.


On June 6th, Neptune, the planet of higher consciousness stations retrograde in the sign of Pisces and will remain retrograde until the middle of November 2013. As Neptune is now in its natural sign of Pisces, the Neptunian energy is heightened dramatically. More than ever, during this retrograde period, consciously engaging with Neptune is called for. Without conscious connection, the result can be floating through life with no sense of direction, confusion and fogginess.  Engage with Neptune. Pay attention to your dreams and day dreams; write them down. Create sacred space and times where you can turn your focus inward with quiet meditation or prayers.  Open to receive.  With gratitude and oneness allow the messages of your higher self to come into your awareness.


The planet Uranus will begin to move out of aspect to Pluto on June 7th, easing the tension of the square aspect between these two powerful planets that began on May 4th, and was exact on May 20th. The 3rd of 7 squares that will conclude in 2015, when these two planets come to this stress point we once again are compelled, individually and collectively to examine old structures and beliefs within our personal lives and our world that are outgrown, yet can still feel difficult to remove or change. There is a growing need to live with more passion and purpose and that it is more important than ever to do so at this time, yet this will require something; for each of us and for the greater good.  And so in these very intense, profound and changing times each square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn opens us, urges us, compels us to claim our higher destiny with authenticity and courage


June 8th brings the New Moon in Gemini surrounded by the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter also in Gemini.  The New Moon is a good time to begin something, to start new and with all this Gemini mental energy, communicate! Explore new and diverse ideas, share information with others, talk, listen and see what comes up. With Jupiter and Mars on either side of the Moon, look for windows of opportunity and if it feels like the right thing, take action and get started! 


On June 23rd the Full Moon in Capricorn heightens emotional authority and dignity. Claim that as you allow others the same. This can be a powerful time to use discipline and commitment to complete what you set forth on the New Moon.


On June 11th Saturn the planet of maturity, reality, and self discipline will make an aspect of a trine with Neptune.  Trines are supportive and the energy flows easily between the two planets, however it can be so smooth that the opportunity it presents can slip by unnoticed.  Saturn always asks for wisdom, patience, and discipline to achieve the best results.  Saturn in aspect to Neptune provides a dose of reality and structure to support the realization of that which is inspired and dreamt of. The potential of Saturn and Neptune together is to bring those inspired dreams into reality, through discipline and commitment.


Around June 12th or 13th the shadow of Mercury retrograde will begun to be felt in the area of communication.  Mercury the planet of communication and perception will station retrograde on June 26th.  During this time communication and information flow can bottleneck, creating confusion, frustration, and delays.  Be aware that about 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the retrograde period there is the “shadow” where challenging issues can also occur.  Important documents can be misplaced, luggage lost, and conversations misinterpreted. Take the time to understand all the details of any agreement or contract and if at all possible wait until Mercury stations direct before actually signing on the dotted line.  This is a good time to go through old papers, clean out closets and drawers; rethink, reconsider, redo, restructure. With Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer, your feelings will come into the mix as you reflect on any pending matter.  Use your heart and head as you move through this retrograde.

*To truly gain the deepest understanding of this or any astrological weather, it needs to be applied to your personal birthchart.  Please contact me if you have questions.

Many Blessings!

Be Well ~ Be Love