JULY 2013

Mercury Retrograde: June 26 - July 20

Mercury Retrograde: June 26 - July 20


As July begins, you may be experiencing some level of tangled communication or situation brought on by Mercury retrograde that began June 26th. When Mercury, the planet of communication is retrograde, intentions, information, or any form of communication can seem to jam up like crooked paper in a copy machine. Things go haywire, frustration occurs, and patience helps. Remember to breathe, for this is temporary and there is value in it. Take a quiet few minutes to re-evaluate, rethink, reconsider, and restructure if needed. Communicate and listen with attention and intention. Sort things out, make lists and use them. As Mercury is currently in the water sign of Cancer, be clear about your feelings as you reflect on any pending situation or commitment. If at all possible, wait until Mercury stations direct on July 20th to make big purchases, decisions, or sign any document. After Mercury stations direct the “shadow” can still create a bit of confusion and delays for up to 2 weeks. By using this time to go over the details of projects, plans, or contracts, you insure that you and everyone involved has a clear understanding of all factors before you finalize it.


Between July 12th and July 22nd, Jupiter, the planet of hope and opportunity moves into a trine aspect with Saturn, the planet of self discipline and maturity, and Neptune, the planet of higher consciousness. The “trine” is a relationship between the planets that is supportive and flowing, but can slip by unnoticed if you don’t pay attention. This aspect with 3 planets in all 3 water signs is called a Grand Water Trine. During these 10 days, look for opportunities that will support your growing maturity. Engage with inner guidance and inspiration. Ask yourself “Where have I been underestimating myself? How have I grown and what am I capable of accomplishing with discipline, commitment, and determination? What inspires me and makes me feel alive?” Connect with your heart, be honest with yourself, and listen to your inner knowing. Emotional release and healing is possible. Understand any necessary boundaries, but dream big! Be aware of the opportunities, growth experiences, and amazing realizations that are possible during this 10 day period.


On July 8th, the New Moon in Cancer brings reflection and empathy. Open your heart to your deep inner needs. Is there a part of you that feels lost or invisible? Feelings are tender and imagination is fertile. During this dark Moon plant the seeds of something new. This may be the time to begin needed self-nurturing or for another. Home and family may play a role during this New Moon.


July 22nd brings the Full Moon in Aquarius. When the Moon is full it’s a good time to complete something; possibly what was begun on the New Moon. Express your feelings authentically. This may be the time when you feel the need to claim your individuality in the face of disapproval or opposition. 

 *To truly gain the deepest understanding of this or any astrological weather, it needs to be applied to your personal birthchart.  Please contact me if you have questions.

Many Blessings! 

Be Well ~ Be Love