full MOON IN Pisces

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019 

On September 13, 2019 at 9:32pm PDT, the Moon will rise in the night sky in the sign of Pisces, 21 degrees, 5 minutes. This Full Moon in Pisces, the last Full Moon of summer in the northern hemisphere, (winter in the southern hemisphere) arrives 10 days before the Equinox on September 23rd.  

When the Moon light is at its peak our heart expands and our emotions can overflow intensely.  It is a potent time where we can just “know something” (especially in Pisces) or come to a realization, that we need to make that important decision, create closure, take the next step or have the emotional strength to share our feelings. Whatever it is that we come face to face with, we realize…it’s time.   

During every Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, at the exact same degree. On this Full Moon the opposition is between the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo. Pisces with a natural orientation for spirituality is a water sign and the last sign of the zodiac. Gentle, compassionate, with strong intuition and psychic potential, Pisces energy opens the psyche to higher consciousness.   On the other end of the opposition is Virgo. Earthy in a practical, analytical manner, Virgo is driven to seek perfection, be of service and strives to make things better, for others and themselves. 

Within the expression of these two signs is the potential for the shadow that exists in all astrological symbols. For Pisces the shadow is to become lost in delusion, apathy or seek an escape from the reality of life. Addictive behaviors, drifting without direction or becoming spacy can be easier to fall into at this time for all of us, but especially if you carry strong Pisces energy in your chart. One of the best supports for Pisces is meditation, prayers, sacred solitude. Intentional attention to spiritual connection.   

The shadow of Virgo is becoming overwhelmed with details, picking everything apart and falling into a well of painful self-criticism that serves no one, nor Virgo’s need to make improvements and be of service.  The resolve for Virgo is to recognize that this excessive damaging criticism is a reflex not the truth. Acknowledging and claiming personal value is an important step. Additionally working towards self-acceptance and self-love is a powerful and beautiful healing method that over time can bring healing within.  

Neptune the ruler of Pisces is the planet that awakens spiritualty and higher consciousness and is in a conjunction with the Moon by 4 degrees.  This conjunction infuses the Moon with another layer of emotional sensitivity, compassion and intuition where daydreams take over, inspiration creates and dreams at night take us to alternative realities.  

Neptune, Pisces and the Moon together can also create an emotional atmosphere of seeing things through rose colored glasses, where reality and fantasy blurs and we can easily get lost.  Be aware of this and look to Virgo for the balance. Virgo can help us sort out the images and feelings using practical assessment to find clarity. 

Adding to this lunar configuration is Mars in Virgo conjunct the Sun by 4 degrees and exactly opposite Neptune in Pisces conjunct the Moon. Mars is the Warrior, fiery and courageous. Mars wakes things up, takes action and sets things in motion. Mars takes a stand and defends. In the sign of Virgo, Mars is passionate about the details and concerned with improvements that bring value to others and ourselves.  The influence from dreamy Neptune in Pisces feeds our imagination and the desire to realize our deepest inspirations. Mars in Virgo turns the key to motivate us to first use discernment, then take some type of action; moving past any inertia that may be holding us back and mobilize the process of manifestation.  

One last aspect is Jupiter in Sagittarius creating a stressful t-square with the Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo opposition. This challenging yet compelling t-square brings up the issues of faith in life, freedom and growth. The opportunity to go for and realize a personal dream or goal.  Jupiter in Sagittarius triggers Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Virgo with a zest for stretching further in our lives. We are all receiving a message to keep evolving on our personal path, even if it feels difficult. All aspects require integration for full benefit. The square which is growth inducing does require will power and at times tough decisions.  

With such strong water energies at this Full Moon please be gentle with yourself if your emotions overwhelm you or if you become trapped in excessive criticism of yourself or others.  If you can, find a quiet space and breathe. It is a powerful way to bring calmness into your being. Reach out to others and share your feelings with trusted friends or loved ones.  In a world that is becoming more and more divided, now is a powerful time to open our hearts in compassion and show up for others in times of need.  

Meditation of any kind, thoughtful conversation or prayers can be grounding during this potent ethereal Moon energy. Creativity of all kinds can flow, so have a way to note anything that arises within you for future reference. In ritual you may want to work with and honor the gift of water as well as enjoying the healing experience of relaxing in water.  

We are all being asked to open our heart and senses to our intuition. To hear the messages and understand the nudge from the Universe that we are receiving. There is something for each of us, in some area of life that seeks greater connection. Connection to others, ourselves and the Divinity that is in us and all around us. Pay attention to your dreams and day dreams. Or any insights that arise within you or in conversation with others.  

May this Full Moon in Pisces open your heart and mind to greater inspiration, compassionate consciousness and magical creative ideas that make you feel alive!   And may your intuition deepen and your trust in life grow, guiding you on your personal path of life.  

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon in Pisces falls in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love