APRIL 19, 2019  

This past month has been an interesting pattern of lunar activity. Two Full Moons in a row in Libra. Last month the Full Moon was at 0 degrees, 9 minutes, of Libra and like the horse bolting out of the starting gate, our emotions were activated and our relationships were charged. We were infused with an extra potent message of new beginnings. To get going and move forward in some area of our lives.  This Month the Full Moon in Libra is at 29 degrees, 6 minutes bringing the Libra energy and our emotions to a peak, helping us to understand and reach some resolution of what was started in March. 

The Full Moon is when the Moon reaches its peak and is full with beautiful light. To give perspective to this Moon it’s important to understand that there are 30 degrees in every sign. The 29th degree is the last degree and considered to be a critical degree.  When a planet or in this case the Moon is expressed in the 29th degree it increases the intensity and potential expression of the sign and the planet, kind of like pushing the pedal to the floor. Now the Full Moon already increases emotions and this Full Moon will accelerate Libra’s range of potential from high to low expression, fully.  

So let’s look at Libra. An air sign that is drawn to higher ideals, elevated concepts, social grace and pleasantries. A natural lover of the arts and beauty in all its form, Libra is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love. The connection to people, experiences or things that are personally appealing. The traditional symbol for Libra is the scales and Libra is invested in negotiation, maintaining harmony through compromise, justice and balance of power. Libra also views the world through the lens of relationships and taking others into consideration. I think we can all agree that relationships are the mirror to ourselves and bring up our thoughts and emotions on an everyday basis. Ultimately Libra seeks peace.  

Now Libra like all signs has a shadow, the lower expression that can be easy to fall into but doesn’t result in the best outcome. Libra is more comfortable when keeping things pleasant and smooth, not rocking the boat. To do this Libra can avoid conflict and brush important issues under the carpet hoping they will somehow disappear.  Of course, they never do. Issues build up until something gives and has to be addressed, many times in crisis.  Another form of shadow is the potential for indecision that ends up falling into default and the outcome is chosen by others or circumstance.  With awareness we make conscious effort and choices as to how we activate this powerful Libra Moon.  

There are some astrological aspects and the most prominent aspect to the Moon is Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus next to the Sun and opposing the Moon. The Sun in the last degree of Aries shines a bright light on the needs of the individual and with Uranus in Taurus rubbing elbows the need to be authentic and honor individuality is in the mix. This opposition could create a bit of a stubborn standoff involving the needs of the individual vs the needs of the relationship. Working with the high expression of Libra through honest heart felt communication that looks at all aspects of the relationship has a greater potential to reach a more peaceful resolve.  

Pluto, Saturn and the South Node all in Capricorn form a T-square with this Full Moon which can bring up old patterns of power struggles, inflexibility and needing to be in control. By recognizing these outdated responses, we can shift our perspective and claim a more meaningful use of our personal power and experience, with maturity and integrity for the highest outcome for all. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius adds a strong message of hope through a supportive sextile with the Moon encouraging us all to have faith in life. In the potential that is available.  Be aware of opportunities for new experiences, further growth and deeper understanding, and for creating or moving towards your dreams or goals. 

And lastly, Mars in Gemini brings the message to remain open minded allowing new information to flow and to communicate with courage, passion and the desire to continue to learn. Take the time to listen well and speak from your heart. Share what you know and create powerful and meaningful connections. 

This Moon awakens us to the imbalances in our lives through situations and inner awareness that come to a head and demand attention.  There can be the potential for turmoil, instability or changes in our lives or relationships that can feel challenging but when we work with our personal power, integrity and mindful attention these challenges can also be the catalyst for continued maturity and positive change.  

 May this Full Moon at 29 degrees, 6 minutes of Libra bring you deep into your feelings, understanding and honoring the relationship you have with yourself, the relationship you have with your loved ones and to a greater sense of balance, beauty and inner peace.   

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon in Libra occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth. 

Be Well ~ Be Love