SEPTEMBER 24, 2018

Here we are, at another Full Moon and this one on September 24th, at 1 degree, 59 minutes of Aries reaches its peak at 7:52pm PDT.  This Aries Full Moon also called the “Harvest Moon” creates an opposition with the Sun in Libra and a dynamic between independence and inter-dependence. Aries is “I”, the passionate Warrior and Libra is “We” the gracious Peacemaker. This opposition brings our attention to our relationships and the challenges and necessity of balancing our needs with the needs of others.

There are other planetary aspects to this Moon creating quite a mix of energies. First, Chiron the mythological “Wounded Healer conjuncts the Moon at 0 degrees Aries, infusing the intensity of fiery Aries with painful emotions of personal wounds that we each carry and are a striking part of this Moons intensity.   Opposite the Moon is Mercury in Libra conjunct the Sun creating a more harmonious atmosphere for talking and listening about the wounds we carry that affect much in our lives including relationships. Then Mars in Aquarius in a supportive sextile to the Moon and trine to Mercury actively encourages authenticity as we navigate sensitive subjects and share our thoughts and feelings.

Adding a dose of extra seriousness to this Moon is Saturn at 2 degrees of Capricorn creating a T-square. Saturn squaring the Moon and Chiron, and the Sun and Mercury can feel very heavy and restrictive with the reality of circumstances and situations, but I encourage you to look for the gift of Saturn in Capricorn which is wisdom, discipline and inner fortitude to deal with challenges with your personal integrity.

 This Full Moon for some can bring up fears and issues around independence or feed into a painful and quite edgy emotional response in Aries. If emotions run high, take a moment to step back, breath and think before speaking or acting. You will be glad you did. Saturn can be the anchor for this powerful Moon providing a sober approach and a strategic plan. Saturn also speaks clearly about standing in our authority as we navigate strong emotions and difficult decisions.

Aries can be extreme and this very powerful Moon in Aries can bring up many different emotions that require our attention. Fear, frustration, and anger may be an initial reaction, however we can choose  courage and compassion for our situation and our relationships. We can honestly look at our pain, and reach for inner strength and determination to take appropriate action. Be gentle with yourself and others but also maintain a level of awareness as you navigate this Moon that can feel like a rocky road. In any communication with others, express your truth with grace and honesty to create a resolve that is mutually understood.

There is a message in this Moon for us and it is tailored to each of us through our personal birthchart.  If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon in Aries falls in your birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth.

Be Well ~ Be Love