JANUARY 20, 2019

On January 20th at 9:15pm PST, we will experience a total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees, 51 minutes of Leo. This Moon is also a Super Moon where the Full Moon is at its closest distance to the Earth during its orbit. This will make the Moon appear larger and brighter. During the Eclipse we will witness the dimming of the bright light to a reddish brown tone that is quite dramatic and beautiful!  With all of these factors coming together this Eclipse will be potent and at 0 degrees of Leo, emotions may feel intense with a strong need to be seen and heard.   

Eclipses have been known to bring change and with a lunar eclipse there can be an effect within relationships and what feeds our heart and soul. That emotional connection we make to anything or anyone of value in our lives. These changes can show up over the next few months, providing the openings and shifts needed for our personal evolution. 

All Full Moons are when the Sun and Moon align opposite each other in the sky and by astrological sign. This current phase is the Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius.  The Moon in Leo is a fire sign that represents the importance of shining our personal light; genuine self-expression from trust and joy that finds genuine appreciation. The Sun in Aquarius is an air sign that represents the process of individuation and the connection and participation within community. Expression of self vs expression of the community.  This opposition create some tension and awareness due to the different needs of the two planets and signs, yet also the gifts that each offers.  

Leo is fiery, is ruled by the Sun and seen as the majestic Lion. The Sun in astrology represents the identity, life force and pure vitality.   Leo is playful, dramatic, colorful, and larger than life with a natural inclination for creative self-expression, dignity, loyalty and the ability to lead through example. 

Fire signs are action oriented and there can be a powerful feeling of needing to do something; to make something happen.  Keep in mind that the immediacy may or may not be appropriate. If you are overwhelmed, be aware of the lower expression of Leo which is over the top, it’s all about me energy that won’t budge an inch.  With the potential for intense emotions…take a moment to breathe and envision the outcome you desire. If possible take some quiet time to consider what you say and what you do next.

The main astrological transit that influences this Full Moon is Uranus (which rules Aquarius) in Aries making a square to the Moon as well as to the Sun and Mercury creating the potential for sudden changes or information that shakes things up and may bring up fears. Ultimately the message of Uranus is greater authenticity even though the method is sometimes unsettling. There can be new developments or adjustments in how we see ourselves, define ourselves, or express ourselves. If you do experience the unexpected and are able, take some time for thoughtful consideration and strategizing so that you can respond from a place of preparation and meaningful intention as you move forward. Share your thoughts and feelings with loved ones and strengthen your connection to community.  

There is one more cosmic influence and that is the South and North Nodes that are sitting close to the Sun and the Moon. The Karmic South Node in Capricorn warns us of falling into positions or expressions that may be tempting but truly aren’t right for us. Personal integrity, inner authority and knowing what rings true within helps us to make better choices. The Evolutionary North Node in Cancer calls us to our heart center and asks us to reveal what we truly need to be happy. To ourselves and to others.  That we practice self-care as we allow vulnerability and shine our light into the world. When we do this authentically and from the heart we hold safe space and support for others to do the same.  

Full Moons are a time of realization and completion. Where decision can be made that release us, acknowledge where we are in our growth, or take us to the next best step and move us forward. The eclipse gives us the ability to reset emotionally and the current opposition between Sun and Moon represents the importance of being ourselves and expressing it from a place of trust and joy. This dynamic of the individual vs. the collective urges us to recognize that when we develop our self and our personal expression that finds the correct appreciative audience; we then find our place within the greater community of humans that is genuine and personally fulfilling.  

We are here to shine our beautiful light into the world, because when we do that, the world becomes brighter!! 

I hope you get a chance to see this wonder of nature, it is the last total Lunar Eclipse until May of 2021. 

If you are interested in knowing where this Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo occurs in your personal birthchart, please send me your birth information. I need mm/dd/yyyy, time of birth am/pm (as exact as possible, birth certificate is best), and city and state of birth. 

Be Well ~ Be Love