Jupiter, the planet of growth, hope, and opportunity continues to be active this month as it meets up with Pluto and Uranus. On August 3rd, Jupiter in the sign of Cancer will move into an opposition with Pluto, the planet of transformation, in the sign of Capricorn, until August 12th, creating tense awareness that will peak on August 7th and ease up on August 12th. During this past year while Jupiter was in the air sign of Gemini, there was a great deal of communication, talking, listening, information sharing, and brainstorming. Now as Jupiter just recently moved into the water sign of Cancer, thinking shifts to feeling in sorting through all the information and choices, and in considering where and how we have been underestimating ourselves.

When expansive Jupiter and intense Pluto interact, opportunities appear that ask you to open your heart, recognize, and bring healing light to any self-held limiting fears, and continue to open to higher purpose. Connect with imagination, deep intuition and heart. With care open up and reveal your truth and allow vulnerability. Be sensitive to your needs as well as others as you make choices. What area of your life calls for growth and exploration? What do you believe in with passion and purpose? What do you truly desire? What do you feel your higher purpose is? Be aware of the potential for excessive moodiness that can overwhelm or shut you down.

Jupiter and Pluto are providing planetary support to help you recognize new opportunities that can inspire your higher purpose with integrity and commitment; something we are being called to do, individually and collectively. The opposition creates awareness and tension between the opposing needs of the planets and signs they are in. The gift lies in the middle, honoring the higher truth of both ends.


Between August 16th and August 25th, Jupiter will be in a square with Uranus, the planet of freedom and authenticity. When Jupiter and Uranus interact, unexpected, sometimes startling changes and new opportunities appear. Open to feelings and understand your needs when deciding which opportunities reflect your authentic self. Jupiter is hopeful and asks you to dream big. With courage, take appropriate actions. As the Full Moon falls on the 20th, remain mindful of moodiness or frustration that can hinder this process. The aspect of a square creates stress and the need to make difficult decisions. It is also compelling and can bring desired results with concerted effort.


On August 6th, the New Moon in Leo signals a time to begin something new. Have some fun! Be creative! What would bring you joy? Engage with your heart and open to new forms of self-expression, leadership, and play that suit you and receive appreciation in return.


August 20th brings the Full Moon in Aquarius, also called a Blue Moon, the 2nd of two full moons within an astrological month. The Full Moon supports completion or resolution and with this 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius, be clear about your true feelings and claim them, even if others don’t understand or disagree. Be yourself.

 *To truly gain the deepest understanding of this or any astrological weather, it needs to be applied to your personal birth chart.  Please contact me if you have questions.

Many Blessings! 

Be Well ~ Be Love