When I was much younger I discovered a copy of Linda Goodman’s "Sun Signs" on my Mother’s coffee table.  I was fascinated by her book and began a journey of astrological discovery and understanding that has spanned well over 40 years.

After reading countless astrology books, and through the years attending local classes, in 1998 I read “The Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest.  Within the first few pages I felt something amazing was happening..I knew I’d found my teacher. I was captivated by his poetic writing, his intention and approach to astrology. Fortunately for me and I know many others, I was so happy to discover that Steven Forrest had an Apprenticeship program in Southern California. I am blessed and grateful to have been able to attend and receive certification from his program.  That experience changed my life.

I currently live and practice Evolutionary Astrology in Minneapolis, MN.


Evolutionary Astrology is a sacred gift that provides a deeper level of self awareness though the understanding of karmic patterns, soul intention and rich potential, as well as supporting our ability to make choices as we consciously participate in our own healing, growth, joy, and higher purpose.

Within a safe and nurturing environment, allow me to be your guide on your journey of self discovery.